Order of Religious History

• Before there was the Astral Guardians, before there was the dark lord, before there were even morals or dragons, there was the ether flow. The very essence of being, of magic, of mana, of creation… it all starts with ether. Whether it is a living entity that causes ether to take shape into life and form or whether it is simply by unknowable luck or by chance has yet to be truly discovered, even in the current day and age. Whatever the case may be, the first world of mortals, Tarrus, was created with it and so was the realm of dragons, Astra. Mortals had very limited control of the ether they were created from and therefore could not affect Tarrus with magic as much as the dragons before them could with Astra. The world of Tarrus and Astra was separated by the ether flow, but that barrier broke when The Dark Lord completed his ritual and inadvertently brought the two worlds into alignment.

• Before the Ascension, the world was whole and ruled by an all-powerful immortal emperor simply known as “The Dark Lord” in the Draconian text. The Dark Lord managed to subjugate the entire known world using nothing but his militaristic might and knowledge alone, but it soon become apparent he would not be able to hold onto it without help. He began searching for ways to strengthen his power, which eventually lead to the use of dark, forbidden magicks to strike fear in his people and strengthen his hold on the world, but even that wouldn’t be enough to stop some from rising up against him. He then looked into obtaining godhood through a dark ritual that would remake the world in his own twisted image… and he succeeded. The world was tainted and he ascended into godhood.

• The world was thought to be loss of all hope… but then, from the heavens, came down a group winged creatures of frightening appearance but good of intent. They called themselves “Dragons”, creatures born from the heavens, out of sight of mortal eyes; immortal and extremely powerful. Drawn forth by the horrible actions of The Dark Lord, which not only affected the world of mortals, but their home above as well, they descended to aid the world in its time of greatest need. The people stood in fear and awe, for they have never seen such a site. Dragons where always a thing of myth and legend, never seen in reality until this moment.

• Lead by the most powerful among them, Bahamut, The Dragons fought against the dark lord, and although his power was superior to theirs, they managed to seal him away from the world; unable to affect it with his evil no longer… yet his influence still remained in the scars he left upon the world. The corruption he had sown proved irrevocable. Not willing to leave mortal kind to wander such a wasteland, the Dragons bought aloft the lands that have yet to be corrupted by darkness up into the heavens, their once solitary home and the humans began their life anew among the gods that had saved them from complete annihilation. For their benevolence and power, the mortals began to worship the dragons and called them the “Astral Guardians”. This was the start of the 2nd age, the age of a new world. The Dragons watched over and guided the mortals and helped them strive for a peaceful utopia, and for a time, they had just that… until the dragons began to fight amongst each other.

• A few centuries after the Ascension, when man and god were at their highest point, it all came crashing down. Tiamat, youngest of the dragons, saw his lands writhe with war and bloodshed. He had tried tirelessly to control the morals under his guidance peacefully and without resorting to tyrannical force, but his words were left unheeded. He did not wish to directly interfere with moral affairs as was the way of the astral guardians, but he didn’t want to see the people under his care fall into ashes. He came to his eldest brother for aid, but bahamut would not heed him. He called him weak for not being unable to control the morals under his guidance, blamed him for what was happening to them before sending him away. Angered, Tiamat saw fit to disobey the laws set out by the Lord of Dragons and used his power to rule over and bring is people into order. Through fear, he kept his subjects in line and ended the wars between his people, uniting them to a singular purpose. Tiamat would eventually gain supporters, other Dragons who saw fit to rule over and control mortals rather than watch over them. These dragons become known as the Umbral Lords. As the power of the Umbral Lords grew, so did their leaders ambition. Tiamat saw fit to go to war on his brethren and attempt to rule all of Stratus in an attempt to bring all of mortal kind into order and peace… whether they liked it or not. This became known as the Dragon Clash War.

• The Dragon Clash war lasted for half a century on Stratus and scarred it in warfare. The Astral Guardians saw how mortals from both sides fought and died for a war they did not start, yet suffered for. Not wanting the people to suffer any longer, they took their battle with the Umbral Lords to the center of Stratus, away from any lands inhabited by mortals and had their last battle in the mortal plane. As all the dragons fought, the guardians enacted their plan to spare humanity one last time. The world looked on as Eir, Lady of Dragons, finished casting a spell that caused a blinding light to engulf every dragon in the vicinity. When the light faded, the dragons were gone and in their stead was a gargantuan clear crystal in the shape of many dragons locked in eternal combat. This is known as Eir’s Crystal. The spell was made to trap the Umbral Lords into Etherflow for all eternity, at the cost of using the Astral Guardians as the seal, locking their physical essence in crystal. Some believe the guardians still guide us in a incorporeal way, while others think they are no longer among us in any form. Some think they will return to guide them in the physical realm once more; others say that they will never come back. Whatever the case, this brought about the beginning of the 3rd Age.

Order of Religious History

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