Stratus' geological layout

Stratus’ world is magically infused with a tremendous amount of wind/air ether that causes it to float high up into the sky. It is a world made up entirely of large motes of earth pulled directly from its abandoned core, floating high above the planet and its corrupting influence as told in the tales of the Astral Guardians, and those motes fall under three different layers; The High Current, the Surface, and the Lower Void.

The High Current: The High Current is the highest layer of Stratus and is made up of really small, slightly clustered earth motes that move around and shift with the wind current. The motes on this layer don’t tend to stay in one place for very long, but they follow a particular pattern that is fairly consistent. The earth on this layer is much too small and spread too far apart to make any towns or cities, but some small nomadic villages have been known to crop up, creating a home with natural defenses and the ability to travel long distances. Some ruins of the 2nd age are also known to be on the high current, usually very old places of worship and mostly to Aerolus, the wind god.

The Surface: The Surface is the middle layer of Stratus and is made up of extremely large and wide spreading earth motes that make up the cotenants of this world. They inhabit most (if not all) of the mortal populace. This layer is big enough to contain large bodies of water on and have far reaching seas and rivers flowing out into the sky ocean and into the void.

The Lower Void: The Void is the lowest layer of Stratus. It is made up of small earth motes, clustered close together to form medium sized land masses across the entire layer. Being right under the surface, the void has little to no light, and its influence from the corrupted core only makes this already inhospitable place even more dangerous. More creatures of the underdark make this place their home than any civilized inhabitants of Stratus, but there are few who are desperate enough to make their home in such a horrid place, mostly umbral cultist hiding away from those who would hunt them down for their worship. Ruins of the 1st age are known to linger here, but few adventurers are known to venture down there…

The Corrupted Core: It is given many names. It’s called “The Umbra”, “Hell”, and other ominous nomenclature. Whatever people call it, The Corrupted Core is a thing of much speculation and fear in the 3rd age. It is the husk planet of which Stratus sprang from at the final moments of the 1st age. It cannot be seen even from the void, for the surface is completely encased in an perpetual purple fog. No one dares travel down into this realm of horror and so wild tales spring up about its current state of being. Some believe it to be the manifestation of hell in the mortal realm after the dark lord was finished with it, while others think it has become a portal of realms far beyond mortal knowing. Either way, no one is in a big hurry to find out.

Stratus' geological layout

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