Unique Flora and Fauna


Many species of animals on Stratus have been greatly influenced by the presence of the dragons long ago and have gained some reptilian features similar to this world’s gods that have helped them adapt to living in such a strange world. Whether it’s a common beast of prey or a dangerous predator, it is common to see the creatures of Stratus with at least some scales, reptilian eyes or webbed wings (whether they grant the species flight is another story).

Dogans and Wolvern:

Canines with some unique reptilian features that make them resemble dragon-dog hybrids. Some features are slight, like some scales scattered among the nose and paws, while some are much more prominent like webbed wings and barbed tails. Dogans, much like the dogs of our world, were bred and domesticated from Wolvern to serve a variety of different purposes; whether it be for a task such as hunting,herding, even riding or just for companionship.

Wolvern are more like wolves in regard that they are considered wild beasts best left alone. Some are extremely violent and will attack humans on sight.

Because of their resemblance to the dragon gods, Dogans are considered sacred and are given the same burial rites as mortals.

Dogan Breeds:

Hyndrian Rockbiter (English Bulldog):

Che’waa (Chihuahua):

L’leryn Warhowler (Saint Bernard):

Pit Wyvern (Pit Bull):

Unique Flora and Fauna

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