“And then the great lord of dragons spoke,
‘Behold, we have ascended thee unto the heavens,
Away from the vile corruption your false lord doth bring upon the world
And we shall live among you,
In this land of Stratus
Not as kings or rulers
But as ever watchful guardians
To oversee this new land
To guide thee ever onward
To a brighter tomorrow’
Then all knew of the power and benevolence of the Astral Guardians
And rejoiced”

Ascension – 3:35

“It has been over a thousand years sense the end of the 2nd era. The Astral Guardians no longer walk among us, having sacrificed their physical forms to lock away the dreaded Umbral Lords long ago. All the saints whom were given blessed life and power are dead and the people have long forgotten what it was like to live amongst gods. The only thing we have left of their majesty is what they left behind. The hymns of the Draconomicon guide us now, spoken and interpreted by holy men such as myself so that we may never forget our guardians sacrifice. The people go on searching for guidance and purpose and we try our best to give what little we have. Some say our saviors are gone, completely silent and never coming back, but I feel that they can still reach out to us, whisper to us, guide us gently towards the right path. We have but only listen.”
– Brother Aiden of Aeroholm

Verses of Draconia

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