Special Game Rules

List of Special Rules:

Character Creation:

-All classes in the core rule book are available to play. Homebrew and Unearthed Arcana Class ans Subclasses are subject to DM discretion.

- Ability scores will be determined by point buy only.

Optional Rules:

-Feats are available to all players. If your class would give you an Ability Score Improvement, You can choose to pick a feat instead.

-Multiclassing is available for players.

House Rules:

  • Hero Points: This game will have the use of Hero points. Hero points can be used to…

-Reroll an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw and add a 1d6 to the result

- Get another full action during combat.

Obtaining action points is normally left to the GM’s discretion, but actions that can net you more action points are…

- The beginning of each game session (if the player has less than two.)

- Actions that make the player to look cool (running up a wall, doing a backflip and shooting an enemy square in the head with a crossbow).

- Actions that make the player look foolish (running up a wall, failing your acrobatics check, and falling on your face)

- Finding creative solutions to problems.

- Meaningful roleplaying and character development.

- Completing a quest or objective during the game session.

Special Game Rules

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