The First Land of L'leryn


The Holy City of Aeroholm, the main headquarters for the church of the guardians and seat of the dragonseer.

Geography: “The First Land” is a large peninsula nestled between two much larger continents to the north and south, separated by a few miles with nothing but the sky ocean and Eir’s Crystal to the west. It is said that it was on this continent that Bahamut made his proclamation to the world, that man and dragon would live together in harmony and it was here that the selfsame lord of dragons made his domain during the 2nd age. This is also the land where Saint Bulmung founded the religious order of the guardians and created the holy city of Aeroholm, which soon become the capital city of the whole nation of L’leryn.

The weather in Lleryn is temperate, although leaning on more of the hotter side of the spectrum. Autumn and winters produce a lot of rain, but it has been known to snow more to the north near the border of Hyndr, the land notorious for cold weather, but it happens rarely. Spring and summer are known to be very hot, but the western breeze keeps the temperature from getting too unbearable to work in for the agriculturally soil-rich country.

The western half of L’leryn is made up of large plains separated by the occasional hills and forests, while the eastern half is more mountainous. To the southeast lays a desert that connects to the empire of Soveroux and to northwest lays a floating cluster of jagged mountainous islands that connect to Hyndr known as “Saint Tarken’s Trial”, a notoriously difficult to travel pass that Hyndrians like to take to “prove themselves” and get to L’leryn. Both provide a sort of natural protection from would be invaders, making the only way to attack L’leryn is through airship, which in this world, only function while over the sky sea. While Aeroholm seems to be vulnerable to such an attack, being as they are established at the very edge of L’leryn, their airship fleet and special siege weapon known as “The Last Vigil” keeps them well protected.

System of Government: L’leryn functions like a Theocratic Oligarchy, with the “Dragonseer” controlling every aspect of governing, but in order to make the burden of rule manageable, the Dragonseer has a “holy counsel” to divide certain powers to an individual to maintain and control. The holy counsel may discuss issues and provide advice, but it is always the Dragonseer that gets the last say, as his power “granted by the lord of dragons himself" is absolute. Priests can function as both politicians and religious leaders in this regard; they can serve as mayors or dukes in small towns and villages (these priests are called overseers), but they can also do religious services. Most priests rarely perform both tasks at the same time as they each take a lot of time and effort and will often delegate with other members of the church to do one or the other, but some special few do both tasks with equal vigor.

There are still lines of nobility and families of high prestige within L’leryn, but they vie to become priest of high standing within society or merchants who help fund the nation politically. Although priests are forbidden to marry or bear children in order to avoid direct dynasties, it is quite common for a noble line to have multiple relatives within the priesthood, especially within the capital and other large cities. Anyone of faith can join the church if they so desire, but the more powerful positions are more often than not given to the people of noble line. Ideality, the candidates chosen to such positions are judged on their piousness, faith, and merit but that isn’t always the case.

L’leryn’s Hierarchy of Government

Culture: L’leryn as whole is a very pious country. They place everyone of the Astral Guardians in high regard, but worship of the lord and lady of dragons is the most common (Bahamut and Eir). With this pious nature towards the church and the astral guardians also cames the unfortunate side effect of religious intolerance. Other Religions or mindsets such as the flourishing “Children of Ether” and the animiatic spirits of “the old gods” that druids worship, while not outright vilified, are treated with disdain among the commonfolk, while the much more sinister “Cults of Umbra” are hunted down mercilessly by the church’s inquisition (and rightfully so, for they mean to overthrow the church to honor their umbral lords).The average citizen born in L’leryn is pale skinned with darker features, such as brown hair hazel eyes, but the first land has become a cultural melting pot during the beginnings of the 3rd age when citizens of Hyndr, Sovernoux, and even the far east country of Azora began to migrate over to the budding nation.

As is customary in L’leryn, Orphans and bastard children inherit the last name of the town or city they were conceived/found in.

Political History: While L’leryn and Hyndr have always been on good terms, the Empire of Sovernoux has always warred with the holy land since the 3rd age. Whether it be petty border skirmishes or all out war, Sovernoux has vied for L’leryns land for countless decades. Although Sovernoux is more technology advanced than L’leryn, they have yet to take the capital, only going so far as to take the eastern half of the country, only for it to be taken back 40 years later. Right now, they have a very uneasy truce that has lasted 20 years thanks to the current Dragonseer’s efforts to rectify past feuds and start a report with its long time enemy, but people are unsure how long it’ll last.

The First Land of L'leryn

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